Our vision is to give every person—whether it be a patient going through chemotherapy, a cancer survivor, a family member or a friend—the opportunity to fight cancer. Through the use of everyday hobbies like knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing and crafting, ChemoClothes gives people a chance to make a difference. All of the time and effort put into each piece goes on to serve two purposes with a single sale. It touches the buyer in a personal way as the creator’s story is told, whether through a letter or through the piece itself. And the money from the sale funds our efforts to beat cancer.

Mission Statement

Our mission is twofold: to give individuals battling cancer a charitable outlet for their creative work and to bring the community together in the fight against the disease. Through special events, donations and the sale of handcrafted items, we are able to fund cancer-related nonprofit organizations, plan educational and therapeutic programs, and help local families in need.


“The concept of ChemoClothes came to me while my mother, Deb Levy, was going through her battle with breast cancer. She did many things to keep herself occupied during the arduous chemotherapy treatments, but she loved to knit scarves most of all.

My mom used to knit so many scarves we didn't know what to do with them all! She started giving them to her friends, who dubbed them ‘Chemo-Scarves.’ So I thought, ‘People make all different types of clothes; why not give them a charitable outlet for their hard work?’ Several months after my mom passed in 2008, while we were organizing fundraiser events for our Susan G. Komen for the Cure 60-mile walk team, I pitched the idea to the team as a way to raise money for the walk. There was such great feedback that Rob Miller and I decided to dedicate ourselves to making it happen.

In the beginning, we collected and sold scarves and other hand-knitted items and donated the proceeds to established nonprofits funding cancer research. As ChemoClothes grew, we felt that the money would be put to better use serving local families and organizations. In less than two years, we have evolved from a raw idea of funding a 60-mile walk with sales from my mother’s handmade scarves to putting the fight against cancer in the hands of every patient, family member, friend, survivor, volunteer and donor who wants to make a real difference.

With the help of our supporters, we can reach our goals by increasing our fundraising abilities, planning new programs, and providing assistance and employment opportunities for people struggling with cancer’s adverse financial effects. Together, we can take a real bite out of cancer.”

- Jared Levy, President of ChemoClothes